Jack says a lot of shit. Here’s some of it:

“I wasn’t planning to take it. I just wanted to break it.”

“I’ll lick your asshole wool-white if you can tell me what this means.”

“Money? I don’t even have a photo of money.”

(of his bulldog’s prize turd) “His finest turd.”

“We sit at the window of our eyes, looking out. We stare at our reflection in the glass or we see right through it. Who knows how we choose.”

“Life is a cancer of the heart.”

“I cannot have a full time job. I need time to think.”

“You’re not just a person, man, you’re a place.”

“I should’ve beaten the shit out of you when we were kids.”

“A game any idiot can win is a bad game.”

All men love tits, even gay ones. What do you expect? Our mothers gave us these things and then they took them away before we were done.”

“How can we be lost? I didn’t even want to go!”

“You’re gonna shit turds thicker than your neck!”

“Get away from my stuff! You’re like fucking water. You get into everything.”

“Why’s he such an asshole when he doesn’t know shit?”

“There’s a reason a limo looks like a fucking hearse.”

“One day, when you retire, you’re gonna have to do it real hard or you won’t notice the difference.”

“What if it turns out I like money and I make a lot of it and end up with a goddamn chauffeur? What fucking then?”

“What the fuck would I want with a job and a bank account? Are you crazy?”