Today, a very drunk man got onto the 41 bus at Convention Place. As we traveled to Northgate, the drunk man staggered around and bumped into people. When we stopped at Northgate Station, the driver leant back and called out to the drunk man. “Ernie,” he called, “this is your stop. Get off.”

Ernie tried to focus on a spot behind the driver, like drunk people often do.

“Nghnnn,” he said. “Fpferpt.”

“Get off!” the driver said again.

By now Ernie had gotten up but he staggered around in the aisle as though the bus was moving. He grabbed a pole and steadied himself. He turned to face us.

“Pfuck you,” he called out.

He staggered to the front and out the door. A few of us looked at one another and then he reappeared. He waved his hand at us, taking in all that the bus contained.

“Yes,” he said and nodded. “Yes.”

And then he was gone.

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