I built this game during a Unity hack-week in June 2021. Hack-week is a time when employees have the freedom to work on some meaningful project that they usually do not get to. In my case, I hadn’t used the main Unity product yet — its game building editor — and I decided to do so. The game itself is something I’ve long wanted to see, a combination of tile placement a la Teris (but without the falling bit), and the territorial / surround concepts of the game Go.

There’s a help screen when you start out. In essence, the idea is to keep placing the next proffered tile onto the board, rotating it if needs be, just as in Teris. On the board, again as in Tetris, tiles lose their identity and are simply black or white squares. Squares of the same colour that touch along their edges form a group. Any such group can be cleared from the board — making new space — if you surround it completely with squares of the opposite colour. A special case of this happens when you place a last tile that fills the last gap on the board, and, by definition, causes whatever groups there are to all be surrounded, and the entire board is cleared.

There are also nice little explosions when you clear things.